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Improving Your Air Quality Since 1989

Eliminate health risks with duct cleaning services

Did you know that the National Air Duct Cleaners Association does not recommend cleaning intervals? Instead, they recommend inspection intervals. Residential air handlers need to be inspected every year, and duct work only every 2 years.

If you have a health condition or concern, your ducts should be inspected and / or cleaned frequently.
"We are very fortunate to have a company like Marling’s and the competent staff who are very capable of completing the clean-up chore for such a nasty job. If friends ever have such a dilemma, we will surely recommend Marling’s for the job. Thank you!”
- Amy & Art S
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What we do for you

  • Remove and clean registers
  • Clean supply ducts
  • Clean return / plenum
  • Clean air handler
  • Fog or spray disinfect   the system

Lower your energy bill

Not only does having your ducts cleaned lower your energy bill, but it also gets rid of contaminants and bacteria in your air supply. We care about the quality of your air. Call us now to get started with your duct cleaning services.
Click on the video to learn more about the benefits of  air duct cleaning and the process.  Marling's uses patented Rotobrush systems.

Experienced Professionals

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